LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Professional LED lighting

Efficient and durable LED solutions for your poultry house

Advantages at a glance:

LED technology allows for long- lasting energy savings of up to 50 %.

0 to 100 % dimmable.

Zero flickering even at low light intensities.

Wide optical spectrum from warm white to cool white, infinitely variable.

2-channel moisture-proof LED lamp, e.g. to simulate sunrise and sunset.

Modular design consisting of a power supply unit, an LED driver and LED lamps.

Long service life of 50 000 hours and low maintenance requirements.

Rugged aluminium housing with an ingress protection rating of IP 65.

Exterior heat sink for optimum cooling.

Diffuser (optional) reduces dazzle effects, especially with low ceiling heights.

Can be installed at walls, ceilings or tubes.

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